StringKing Complete Jr Stick and Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Ball

$ 69.98

The best lacrosse training tools for beginning players join forces!

StringKing and Swax Lax partner to bring you a combo package of the StringKing Complete Jr. stick and the Swax Lax Original Training Ball.

This partnership brings together two of the best tools for beginners to learn the game the right way. In this package, you'll receive a:

  • Swax Lax original lacrosse training ball (color: white)
  • Stringking Complete Jr. Stick

The Swax Lax lacrosse training ball is thee same weight and size as a regulation ball, but it’s soft, and with no bounce. The patent-pending construction allows new players to learn the game with the right feel in their stick, while avoiding the fear associated with hard lacrosse balls.

The StringKing Complete Jr. Stick is the perfect size stick for players ages 10 and under looking to learn the sport. The stick is slightly shorter and has a lighter head to avoid a top heavy feel for new players.

The right ball with the right stick!

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