Mark Petrone of Mesalacrosse on Instagram had these nice words to say:

"I have been a big an of Swax Lax since y'all got it going. I do a lot of lacrosse skill work in a gym with a hard wood floor and I hate the sound of lacrosse balls thumping around and rolling 100 yards in the opposite direction. So Swax Las has really worked for me and I am a big advocate of y'alls. I love the new ball [POWER] because it forces kids to really snap their bottom hand to propel the ball. You have to use push and pull motion to pass it. Genius. Hope you keep it rolling." January 24, 2018

Mesa Lacrosse gives a great review on the Swax Lax lacrosse training ball

This limited-edition East Coast Dyes ball was first introduced at LaxCon 2017 at the ECD dunk tank!

Were you there? Did you dunk anyone?


LaxGirlsWorld loves the new Pro-Grip Swax Lax ball, January 25, 2017

"If you guys thought the original Swax Lax was great, wait till you see the PRO-GRIP!!!"

Customer Richard F. from Wisconsin had this to say about his purchase of Swax Lax balls, January 2017:

"Other than the stick, the Swax Lax ball has been by far the most important product I have purchased for the development of my boys/lacrosse.

With a small yard we do most of our training in the street in front of our house. After a week of chasing rubber balls roll down the block I quickly realized that my boys will lose interest in this sport if I don't figure out a better way. It was then that I purchased a Swax Lax training ball. That was over a year and a half ago and that ball is still being used almost daily by my 3 sons in harsh Wisconsin weather on concrete and is still holding up strong. With snow on the grass and gym time not always available if it wasn't for the plowed street, my boys would not have the ability to practice daily without your product. Now our team/coach has started to use them indoor on a gym floor as he has seen the benefits my boys have had with them (and they better simulate how a conventional rubber ball reacts on grass).

Thank you for creating a product that not only holds up INCREDIBLY on concrete and has given my boys a ton of confidence. It was your product that separated my son from all the other kids on his team and helped him with all the success he had last year (averaged 4.5 goals a game). THANK YOU for such a great product!!"

Richard from Wisconsin's sons playing with Swax Lax lacrosse training ball on concrete

Oak City Lax recommends the Swax Lax ball 100%, December 2016

"For those who haven't used the SwaxLax ball, I recommend it 100%. It is an awesome training tool. I like using it for shooting because if you miss (which we all do occasionally), the ball doesn't go very far, just bounces once and stops. It also works with rebounders, and is easy to travel with. I would highly recommend it, they are affordable and high quality, as well as a great stocking stuffer!"

Hi-Tide Lacrosse loves his Swax Lax!


 @AngryBearLacrosse raves on Instagram about our new camo ball, Nov. 3, 2016

"After getting the USA Swax Lax ball I thought nothing could be cooler...and now they have this sick Blue Camo and the Maryland Flag ball!!!! What next Swax Lax??? A Zombie ball...a Star Wars ball? These things keep getting better and better! Thank you @swaxlaxball for the sweet products!!! I love the ministick ball!!!! If you haven't gotten a Swax Lax ball yet go over to www.swaxlax.com!"

Bar Down Lacrosse is thankful he was using a Swax Lax lacrosse training ball! September 2016

"Thought I had a shattered window today. Thankfully we were using a @swaxlaxball. Perfect ball for any tailgate or indoor catch or training. Made with the same size and weight spec of a normal lacrosse ball anything you do with it translates seamlessly into your real game."

Jack Townsend of Super Stringing Lacrosse reviews our Swax Lax goalie lacrosse training balls, August 30, 2016.

Be sure to watch until the end when @energy_lax shows off his amazing stick tricks!

David Enriquez of USAStyleStrings gave Swax Lax a rave review on their Instagram page, July 25, 2016

"I was a little skeptical about functionality when I first saw this product, but as soon as I started playing with it, all worries were proven invalid.

The SwaxLax Ball has an identical feel to a real, brand new ball when passing, catching, and shooting, and as I have been playing with it over the past few months, the grip on the ball has not changed at all." Read more (and follow) >

Mikey Anger from Angry Bear Lacrosse "totally recommends" the Swax Lax ball, July 16, 2016


Lake Mary Lax reviews the Swax Lax ball, July 2016

"Alright guys, I've haven't been using this ball much, but this ball is GREAT. I'd say an 8/10. This ball is absolutely great for me because whenever I use my bounceback, I go FAST. And this ball lets me do it, it has a nice, soft release, and just feels great. And this ball is GOOD for shooting, although, I do have one minor complaint, it is a little bit inaccurate whenever I shoot, but aside from that I LOVE this ball. I would have loved to have this when I first started playing and I'd totally recommend it to a new player????"

Anthony Lamar (@Energy_Lax on Instagram), reviews the Swax Lax and gives it a 10 out of a 10! July 6, 2016 


Lax Girl's World gives the Swax Lax a thumbs up, June 15, 2016


From Janice at Black Women in Sport Foundation, April 27, 2016

"I used the Swax Lax balls in a workshop conducted for Ms. Tina's coaches. I found the weight of the balls great for our drills. Because they did not bounce, it took the fear of injury out of the workshop. The beginner athlete can practice indoors without the fear of getting hit in the face with the ball and having the correct weight for scooping ground balls. This is a great product."

Trice from SportStop.com Talks about Swax Lax Balls, February 19, 2016



A Review from Dave, PE Director, February 12, 2016

"Swax balls work as advertised! We've used ours for five weeks of hard PE use, and the kids are now able to catch and throw without fear. They can feel the ball while cradling, and when they miss a catch, the ball doesn't roll forever. I can't comment on the durability yet, but so far there's no noticeable wear, even on our concrete-like Arizona dirt / grass. Thanks for a great product! My job as a PE teacher is now easier!"

A Testimonial from Katie Erbe, Lacrosse Playground, January 26, 2016

"Swax Lax challenged me to review their training lacrosse balls. Let me just say, I’m a huge fan. This product meets a lot of needs from beginners to the most elite players. On top of a great product, the company is a woman-owned-and-led business, which is just awesome if you ask me! From what I’ve gathered, the Swax Lax Training Ball was designed with two primary purposes in mind: to be a safer alternative for beginners and for indoor usage for more advanced players." Read more . . .

A Testimonial from Brian Russo, Groton Mystic Lacrosse U13 Girl's Coach, January 20, 2016

“We used your SWAX LAX balls this weekend at our indoor lacrosse tournament in Mystic CT. The SWAX LAX balls were excellent on the indoor turf field. There was much less chasing of errant throws, grounds balls were cleaner, and they allowed for safer play given that we were playing in tight conditions.”

A Review from Seth Janica of LacrossePlayground.com, December 3, 2015

"Remember those 'pinky' practice lax balls back in the day? Oh wait, you were probably born after 1995. Swax Lax has invented something of a dream to us lacrosse players, a ball that feels the same, weighs the same, but doesn’t have that fearful pain when the ball hits you; and let me tell you, they’ve nailed it!" . . . Read the full review on their website! We're grateful for even more kudos from Seth on Instagram and also here

A review from Mountain Top Dyes, November 18, 2015: 


A Review from southpaw_strings (Instagram), October 2015

"This is literally the coolest product ever. This ball is really good to practice with if you like to use a ball in the house without breaking anything. Another reason is it feels just like a regular lacrosse ball and is the same size and shape as a regular lacrosse ball. Hope you guys take this review in to hands and go buy one for yourself."

A Review from Ron of Girls Lacrosse HQ, 8/13/2015

"Without question, there is no lacrosse user who won’t find a use for this ball but there are some that will see a greater value in this ball than others." Read the full review on GirlsLacrosseHQ.com, where Ron gives an in-depth review of the Swax Lax no-bounce alternative lacrosse ball.

A Review from Sean of Lacrosse Scoop, 8/9/2015

"A very cool training lacrosse ball for and players looking to practice inside or outside. The Swax Lax doesn't bounce, and shouldn't break any windows. Highly recommend for young players!" Read the full review on Lacrosse Scoop.

From Kevin of LaxThePlanet, 7/27/2015, Maryland

"I have been playing [lacrosse] for over 20 yrs, and I wish Swax Lax had been around when I started! By far one of the BEST training tools in lacrosse today! We use it indoors and out! It is a favorite from my 3 yr old to my 9 yr old; I use it all the time too!"

A Review from East Coast Dyes, 7/9/2015



From Jeremy, Woodstock Academy JV Girls Lacrosse Coach, 6/7/2015, Storrs, CT

"I really do appreciate the awesome customers service. All I did was tweet once and you were eager to protect your product. I feel like companies are quick to pass the blame and refuse to help. It really does say a lot when a company wants to please a customer in today's world! I plan on practicing stick tricks with Swax Lax balls this summer at my Boy Scout camp where Hackey Sack is very popular. Your product is perfect for both activities, especially a combination of the two! I will also keep my eyes on sales on your website because I need Swax Lax Balls as part of my JV team's practice for many reasons. Thank you for taking the time to be a company with an amazing product as well as good business ethics; It makes a world of difference! #laxislife"

From Matthew, Brooklyn, NY, 5/15/15

"Coaching in Brooklyn we are constantly looking for innovative ways to work on stick skills. Field time is tough to come by so I am hoping to use these balls to help get approval from the parks department for lacrosse in some of the smaller parks where they have deemed the sport "unsafe" due to the likelihood of the ball interfering or injuring participants in close proximity!!!"

From Morris, New Canaan, CT, 4/15/15

"We have been using the ball indoors and out. During a snowy winter in which each week brought another foot of snow and it became impossible to play outdoors, we moved our home practice to the basement where the Swax Lax ball could not bounce and destroy lamps, tables and other furnishings. After the snow melted, we have used the Swax Lax ball outdoors and enjoy not chasing the ball down the street when we miss the goal and our back up netting."

From Adam, West Islip, NY, 4/14/15

"I have to say my overall experience with the Swax Training balls has been great. I have a team of second grade girls, and removing some of the intimidation factor with getting hit with the hard ball has really helped with catching and passing skills."

From Heather, Richmond, VA, 4/14/15

"We are using the Swax Lax PINK balls with our youngest 1st graders in our rec league called Geronimo down here in Richmond, Virginia. Our 6-year-olds are NOT afraid of this 'less bouncy, pinker' ball, and I'm glad I bought a bunch at the convention in January in Baltimore."