Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Balls in Lacrosse Stick

Swax Lax Soft Lacrosse Training Balls

Train Anywhere With Confidence

Swax Lax lacrosse training balls are specially constructed to mimic the exact dimensions of a regulation weight lacrosse ball. 

Benefits of Swax Lax Soft Lacrosse Training Balls

  • The first patented soft, regulation weight lacrosse training ball that's less bouncy!
  • Designed to be the exact size and weight of a regulation lacrosse ball.
  • Developed by longtime lacrosse coach Laura Gump and field tested by K-12th grade boys and girls. (Perfect for beginners as well as intermediate and elite players.)
  • Helps players develop their skills with more confidence.
  • Softer than a rubber lacrosse ball and gentle on hardwood gym floors... perfect for indoor play!
  • Less bounce and no rebounds means more time playing lacrosse — less time chasing balls.

Limitations of Swax Lax Soft Lacrosse Training Balls

  • Not intended for children under 4.
  • Dangerous if ingested by humans or animals.
  • Can cause injury when shot at high speeds.
  • Balls are suitable for rebounders but not wall ball.

US Patent No. 10,478,677

Swax Lax balls should only be used with age-appropriate head and eyewear.

Watch the Swax Lax Training Balls in Action 

Warning: Any projectile, including the Swax Lax training ball, is capable of causing serious injury or death. Avoid shooting the Swax Lax training ball at the head or face of another player. Protective gear, if properly used and maintained, may reduce the risk of some injuries, but it cannot and does not prevent all serious injuries.

Beware of Swax Lax® knock-offs because they may not be as durable and well-made as our original, patented design! We’ll be dealing with knock-offs on a case-by-case basis.