Power Bundle with 1 Power Weights Training Tool and 1 Bolt Lacrosse Training Ball

$ 32.99 $ 34.99

Swax Lax Power Weights turn any lacrosse stick into a training tool that helps develop lacrosse-specific muscles and improves a player's stick work. The Bolt soft lacrosse training ball makes practice more productive since it doesn’t bounce or roll.
  • Bundle includes 1 (ONE) set of Swax Lax Power Weights and 1 (ONE) Swax Lax lacrosse training ball with the Bolt design (photos show two sides of the ball to show full bolt design — bundle includes only ONE ball).
  • Strap Power Weights onto the head of your lacrosse stick instead of the shaft to more closely mimic where the weight of the ball is in the stick. Forces players to focus on their fundamentals and emphasizes the use of lacrosse-specific muscles.
  • Use weighted device to pass/catch, scoop, dodge, and shoot without interference to your shaft or pocket. Will help players’ confidence when they go back to using their regular stick.
  • Power Weights (212g–220g) is approximately 1.5 lacrosse balls, which is perfect for all levels of players who are trying to work on his/her game. US Patent #7,407,451; made in Pakistan.
  • Swax Lax Bolt lacrosse training ball is the original, patented soft practice ball with less bounce, no rebounds making for a more productive lacrosse practice; perfect for indoor gym practice or outdoors in tight spaces. Train anywhere with confidence and less fear of getting hurt if hit by a traditional hard ball.

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