Swax Lax POWER™ Lacrosse Training Ball

$ 12.99

Are you or your players?

  • Looking to strength train while doing stick tricks?
  • Preparing for pre-season strength training?
  • Trying to increase shooting speed and release accuracy?
  • Wanting an addition to station work?

The Swax Lax POWER training ball can help. It’s 12 percent heavier than a regulation ball and intended for weight training. Lacrosse players looking for a more powerful shot can easily train by shooting with the POWER. 

Whether using the POWER on a rebounder, in the gym, at the park, or in the basement, this ball can make lacrosse-specific muscles stronger (and impress coaches and parents) with an improved stick.

Why you’ll love the POWER ball:

  • 12% heavier than a lacrosse game ball
  • Strength training without ruining your form
  • Build strength while developing stick skills
  • Advanced players love the grippy feel
  • Easy to use—get more reps while building strength
  • Low bounce and roll = perfect for indoor AND outdoor training

Weight: 160 to 166 grams

Diameter: 64 mm

Balls may soften over time with use. Product is latex free.

See our FAQ page for more information on our training balls!

For Canadian orders, please contact Ben Ekren, 604-628-0503.

Train Anywhere With Confidence

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