Swax Lax MiNi™ Balls

$ 8.99

Are you or your players looking for a ball that:

  • is smaller and lighter than a regulation lacrosse ball?
  • fits perfectly into a mini or a fiddle stick?
  • is good for playing with on the beach or while tailgating?

The Swax Lax MiNi ball is the answer! It’s 10 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than a regulation lacrosse ball, and it doesn’t bounce or roll away. It’s just the right weight in a mini-stick pocket. 

Why you’ll love the MiNi

  • It’s the perfect sized ball for mini sticks or fiddle sticks
  • It doesn't bounce around or roll away
  • It’s a must-have lacrosse ball for the beach and tailgates
  • It’s one of the best ways to introduce the sport to MiNi players
  • It was created in response to popular demand

Weight: 104–109 grams
Diameter: 56 mm

Train Anywhere With Confidence


See our FAQ page for more information on our training balls!

For Canadian orders, please contact Ben Ekren, 604-628-0503.

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