Swax Lax MiNi™ Balls

$ 8.99

This fun mini version of a Swax Lax ball is smaller and lighter than a regulation lacrosse ball. It's 10 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than a regulation lacrosse ball, and it's just the right weight in your mini-stick pocket. Available in Neon-Green.

Weight : 104–109 grams
Diameter: 56 mm

Train Anywhere With Confidence

Product Benefits

  • The perfect sized ball for mini sticks or fiddle sticks.
  • Created in response to popular demand!
  • Swax Lax MiNi doesn't bounce around or roll away.
  • A must-have lacrosse ball for the beach and tailgates.
  • Best way to introduce the sport to MiNi players

Product Limitations

  • Balls are suitable for rebounders but not wall ball
  • Dangerous if ingested by humans or animals
  • Should only be used with age-appropriate head and eyewear
  • Can cause injury if shot at high speeds

Please note that ball color may vary.

Balls will soften over time with use. Product is latex free.

See our FAQ page for more information on our training balls!

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