How a U.S. Navy Sailor Taught Us What It Means To Be Thankful November 21, 2017 00:00

Sometimes I hear coaches and players complaining about the constraint of practicing indoors or on a small field. “There’s no room. The balls are bouncing all over. There is no grass. The grass is too long. I can’t scoop off the gym floor…” Well, boo-hoo. Suck it up buttercup and be thankful you have the opportunity to get in a gym or that you have any space to practice at all.

Brandon Manus US Navy Playing Lacrosse with Swax Lax Lacrosse Training BallsSwax Lax recently got a letter from DC3 Brandon Manus, who is currently deployed in the Pacific Ocean. He was thanking us for developing our Swax Lax training balls. Apparently, they seem to work better than regular lacrosse balls when you’re aboard a ship. DC3 Manus wrote us:

“Thank you so much for letting me use your amazing balls!! It makes playing out here in the ocean a whole lot easier. I can confidently say I am the only one able to play lacrosse out at sea with your balls, which is super amazing to say. The balls don't bounce as much as normal balls so I don't have to worry about them rolling and bouncing over the side of the ship (like I’ve had multiple normal balls before lol). The balls have made this whole 
deployment fly by because I can go out and throw around a little bit.
thank you guys so much!!!”

The DC3 before Brandon’s name is his rating (in the navy it’s called rank) Damage Controlman Third Class. What does Brandon do on board when he isn’t throwing around a Swax Lax ball? Damage Controlmen (DCs) do the work necessary for damage control, ship stability, firefighting, fire prevention, and chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) warfare defense. So, think of him as a fireman who works around explosives, diesel fuel, and ammunition.

Next time you are feeling sorry for yourself about having less than ideal practice space, just stop it, and try thinking about a solution. Be creative, adapt, and overcome. Be like Brandon. Here is a young man who is getting his lax on, aboard a destroyer in the Pacific Ocean.

We are the ones who should be thanking Brandon. Brandon might be thankful for his Swax Lax balls but we at Swax Lax are thankful for and proud of DC3 Brandon Manus and all our military personnel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos from Brandon's mom, which she shared on Instagram.

US Navy Brandon Manus playing lacrosse with Swax Lax training ball


US Navy Brandon Manus playing lacrosse with Swax Lax training ball

US Navy Brandon Manus playing lacrosse while in Pacific using Swax Lax training balls