One Knee Shooting Lacrosse Drill
One of the most important aspects of having a great shot in the game of lacrosse is being fundamentally sound. This drill teaches athletes how to correctly shoot an overhand lacrosse shot. That being said, having an efficient overhand shot will lead to scoring goals successfully at a high rate.
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Can I Use a Swax Lax Ball with a Rebounder?

We’re often asked how Swax Lax balls work with rebounders (or pitchbacks, as some lacrosse players call them). You’ll be glad to know, they work perfectly.

Swax Lax balls are designed to be bounce-resistant, and while this no-bounce quality might seem like it would make Swax Lax balls hard to use with rebounders, the truth is, the balls work really well. Players may just need to stand a little closer to the rebounder when using a Swax Lax ball instead of a traditional lacrosse ball.

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