In Support of Our Troops — Shootout for Soldiers November 10, 2017 00:00

Veterans Day is just one day set aside to honor those who served in the United States Armed Forces. But many honor our soldiers year-round and at fundraisers such as Shootout for Soldiers.

Angry Bear Lacrosse

Last summer, our friend Mikey Anger invited us to take part in the Shootout for Soldiers lacrosse event in Boston, MA. Ten-year-old Mikey is well-known in the lacrosse community. You may know him as Angry Bear Lacrosse on Instagram where he reviews various lacrosse products. But, what you may not know is that Mikey sponsored a team at this year's event. He created a GoFundMe page and recruited friends in the lacrosse world to donate to the cause.

Shootout for Soldiers

Shootout for Soldiers is a 24-hour lacrosse game benefiting wounded American military members. People of all ages and gender play alongside one another in support of veterans and to build community.

Mikey's commitment to honor the troops at this event teaches us that one is never too young to learn the value of service or to be the object of people's admiration. Our team at Swax Lax is proud of Mikey and honored to be his friend.

One Game, One Goal = Support Our Troops
Happy Veterans Day