Greetings to Our Friends in the Great White North November 9, 2015 00:00

Swax Lax Balls for sale in Canada

Good news for our Canadian brothers and sisters. Swax Lax training balls are now available north of the border. Working with, the folks at Swax Lax are now offering our lacrosse training balls for sale in Canada

Lacrosse is the national sport of Canada and the birthplace of the modern game. Swax Lax is proud to be able to share our innovative training ball with our neighbors to the North.

Training with a regulation size and weight no-bounce ball offers players more practice reps and less time chasing misses and rebounds. The balls are ideal for the indoor game as well, which makes them perfect for Canadian coaches and their teams as they approach a long, cold winter! New players and coaches also like that it’s softer and more forgiving than a hard rubber ball.

Oh, and we should mention — they come in red and white.