Oh Canada, Swax Lax Reaches Thee May 10, 2016 16:09

Oh Canada made out of Swax Lax soft lacrosse training ballsOh Canada, how happy are we to share Swax Lax with thee. Swax Lax lacrosse training balls are coming soon to the Chex Sports lacrosse store in Calgary as well as to their online store.

We’re super excited that our northern neighbors can now use Swax Lax for lacrosse training, both on the field and indoors. Lacrosse is the national summer sport in Canada, but during winter months, players become Rink Rats (of sorts) and play and compete in box lacrosse. What’s box lacrosse? It’s a slightly altered form of the traditional lacrosse game and is played with six players on an ice-hockey rink — minus the ice, of course!

We’re looking forward to watching Canadian athletes train for the game all year long using Swax Lax soft lacrosse balls.

Written by Kate Kelly, an intern at Swax Lax this spring.